Romania 2023

During the summer, we’ve went on two vacations – The trek to Switzerland, and this family trip to Romania.
In this post, I would like to share our experience with you, showing photos, and even better – stories.


Day 01 // August 17th – Arrival in Romania, Snagov Monastery and a large Pension

We woke up for our taxi to the airport that arrived at our home at 2am, and the drive was very fast, arriving at 3:15am! When we arrived at the airport there was almost no lines, in fact I believe that this is the quickest we’ve ever been through airport luggage and security!

Due to the fast lines, we had 2 hours to spare at the airport, which we spent on eating and talking. Our plane went away from gate on time and departed only 15 minutes late, and landing 2h20m later.

We took the shuttle bus to the rental car service and received a manual Blue Ford Focus, which we then took to our first stop of the day – Snagov Monastery, which was a beautiful destination.

We then got hungry as it was already 1:30pm, so we went to Chic Lounge restaurant which was empty before us, and then the rest of our group joined us and filled the restaurant.

We finished our delicious meals, and went straight to our accommodation for tonight – Pensiunea La Lac in Nehoiu, which was a beautiful and lovely place we got all to ourselves.

We had to get some groceries, so we went ahead and went to a supermarket that looked very bad so we returned and went to a better supermarket, where we really overdid it with our grocery shopping. With our groceries packed, we returned with our hands full to the Pension, and made some meat on the grill, drank some wine, and went to sleep to get some sleep for the next day which would start at 5am since the guide of the rafting we would be doing the next day insisted to start early for the best experience…

Day 02 // August 18th – Rafting, Pruncea, Siriu and Săcele

Waking up at 5am for a rafting journey is not easy, but we have managed to do it and be ready for the rafting journey that began at 6am. We were driven on a shuttle bus for 15min to the beginning of the rafting route, where we were divided into 2 groups on 2 boats, each with a guide or two.

The rafting itself on the water was about 2 hours, coming right back to our hotel.

We packed our suitcases and drove to our first stop: Cascada Pruncea, and driving from and to it on a very bumpy road.

We then drove to a dam on Lake Siriu, but unfortunately we were not allowed to walk on it and see the views from it.

After the rejection we got back in our car and drove to eat lunch-dinner at Restaurant La Moara, where the food took long as usual in Romania and the service wasn’t really the best.

After eating our meals, we decided to visit a beautiful farm of animals (mostly Bissons) called Valea Zimbrilor.

After that, we drove to our new home for the next 7 days – Pensiunea Tinelu. From there, some of us went to the supermarket, and we might’ve overdid it a little once again..

Day 03 // August 19th – Parc Aventura and the city of Brasov

Waking up in Tinelu after the first night, and eating breakfast was quite nice considering it was trying out something new. After breakfast, we went to the rope park “Parc Aventura Brașov” where there were even signs in Hebrew because of the almost dominant Israeli audience of the park. There we spent almost half a day – until 2pm! Here we divided, due to waiting lines.

After that we drove to a Lidl parking and walked to the old town for lunch at Cartofisserie which was quite honestly a great street food store.

We then walked to a cable car “Tampa” where we met with the rest of the group.

We went up by cable car and went down for a long hour by foot.

We returned to our cars and drove home. For dinner we decided to order delivery to the house – sushi and pizza. We ordered sushi at 9:30pm, and they arrived already after we gave up on them and decided to eat yogurt – at 11:30pm. While the pizza was great since we chose to order pickup because it was only 5 minutes away by car from our home. Both were tasty and gave us a will to sleep, which we did…

Day 04 // August 20th – Bear Sanctuary and a Jeep tour

Today is quite an active day, even though it only consists of the bear sanctuary and a Jeep tour. We left home at 8:30 for our organized tour that began at 9:30, where we learnt a lot about different bears, and we even adopted one named Grisha – a blonde brown bear that was rescued from captivity in Armenia by the sanctuary.